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Our services are always tailor-made. The EAP ICAS covers a wide range of services so that we can adjust our help to your needs. Your employees can use the offer in a flexible way. They can get the support of specialists in overcoming individual and collective crises and increase their effectiveness and competences in coping with difficulties to lead a better and more fulfilling life.

Research shows that 1 zloty spent on the EAP can usually bring from 3 to 10, and sometimes even 14 or 16 zlotys of profit.

Find out more about the effectiveness of the EAP.

More about the effectiveness of EAP
According to research EAP can reduce absenteeism by 6,5%*
Source: Nunes, A.P., Richmond, M.K., Pampel, F.C. et al. The Effect of Employee Assistance Services on Reductions in Employee Absenteeism. J Bus Psychol 33, 699-709 (2018).


I-EAP® - Individual employee support

Each of us faces new challenges every day. We are not always able to deal with them ourselves so that they do not deteriorate our well-being and ability to act. We need a conversation, an objective view, knowledge and experience of others to find the best solutions. An individual EAP gives your company's employees access to a wide range of specialists who will help them overcome difficulties, new situations and crises, and maintain a balance in their professional and personal lives.

Program for employees and their relatives
Available 24/7, convenient and confidential
Immediate, unlimited psychological help
Help in personal matters - psychotherapy sessions
Business psychology, coaching, mentoring
Specialist support for HR and managers
Legal counseling - wide range of specializations
Counseling in financial matters
Implementation and dedicated support service


G-EAP® - Group employee support

Just as individuals can lose their optimal level of functioning, the balance of entire organizations can be disturbed too. Group EAP affects employees to a large extent in order to develop their skills and support the creation of relationships. It helps companies to create a friendly work environment and, if necessary, supports them in going through organizational changes, conflicts and crisis situations. Group EAP works best in conjunction with individual support, but it does not mean that you have to choose both offers.

Index of Equilibrium® - diagnosis of needs
Periodic educational webinars
Tailor-made development programs
Educational resources - recordings library and Knowledge Zone
Events for HR and managers
Psychological and coaching group sessions
Crisis interventions - programs and on-site assistance
Designing solutions for the organization
Implementation and dedicated program management

EAP implementation

Experience that determines success

The EAP is an effective risk management tool, but it will not fulfil its function if employees do not use it. Therefore, a vital part of our offer is an active participation in incorporating the program into the organisational culture. After signing the contract, we will guide your company through the implementation process. Additionally, throughout the entire period of cooperation, we will participate in the preparation of communication campaigns and, together with the HR department, respond to feedback from the participants.

Experience that determines success

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Before you make the decision to implement the EAP we will enable you to test the program and show you how we work with the HR department and how we can support your employees.

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